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North American Elk, Rocky Mountains, USAAmerican Bison, Great Plains, USAPair of Raccoons, Central Park, Manhattan, New YorkCurious MarmotGrizzly Bears engaged in combatMountain Goat on Pyramid Peak, Rocky Mountains, USAPelican hunting in the PacificScreech Owl, Grey Phase, Central Park, Manhattan, New YorkGrizzly Bears engaged in combatAmerican Bison and Coyote, Yellowstone National Park, USALlama in the mountainsThe fastest land mammal in the western hemisphere, the Pronghorn in its native habitatRed Tailed Hawk perched in TreeGalapagos Tortoises in Communication Ritual, Galapagos IslandsBaby beaver on lodgeMasked BoobyScreech Owl, Red Phase, Central Park, Manhattan, New YorkNorth American Elk, Rocky Mountains, USAGuanaco in Torres del Paine, ChileEmu in rural setting

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