Below are links to select mountaineering/climbing trips. I originally created them to provide beta and route detail for certain peaks and posted them on, so they'll open up in a new window. Listed alphabetically by country / state.


Cradle Mountain


Mount Fuji 12,388ft


Iztacchuatl (17,159ft), La Malinche (14,640ft), Nevado de Toluca (15,355ft)

Pico de Orizaba (18,491ft) and Sierra Negra (15,200ft)


Griffith Peak (11,060ft)

New Zealand

Tongariro volcanoes, Ngauruhoe, Ruapehu




Mount Shasta, 14,197ft

Mount Whitney, 14,497ft, Mountaineers Route

Mount Langley, 14,042ft

Mount Whitney, 14,497ft via Snow Chute in Spring

Mount Whitney, 14,497ft Main Route

Mount Whitney, 14,497ft, when everything worked!

Mount Gould, 13,011ft

Mount San Gorgonio, 11,502ft

Mount San Jacinto 10,834ft


Snowmass Mountain, 14,092ft **The Finisher**

Little Bear Peak, 14,037ft

Capitol Peak, 14,130ft

Culebra Peak, 14,047ft

Mount Sneffels, 14,150ft

Chicago Basin 14ers: Mt Eolus, North Eolus, Sunlight, Windom Peaks

Crestone Needle, 14,197ft

Crestone Peak, 14,294ft

Wilson Peak, 14,097ft

Mount Wilson (14,246ft) and El Diente (14,159ft)

Mount Lindsey 14,042ft

Wetterhorn Peak, 14,015ft

Ellingwood Point, 14,042ft

Castle Peak (14,265ft) and Conundrum Peak (14,060ft)

Humboldt Peak, 14,064ft

Blanca Peak, 14,345ft

Tabeguache Peak (14,155ft) and Mount Shavano (14,229ft)

Mount Evans (14,264ft) via Mount Spalding (13,842ft)

Kit Carson (14,165ft) and Challenger Peaks (14,081ft)

Pyramid Peak, 14,018ft

Maroon Bells: North Maroon (14,014ft) and South Maroon Peak (14,156ft)

Mount Harvard, 14,420ft

La Plata Peak, 14,336ft

Mount Elbert 14,433ft

New Mexico

Sandia Peak (10,678ft): Two ascents in the Land of Enchantment)

New York

Foursome in Peak Foliage

Early Autumn in the Adirondacks

Forever Wild - Gothics, Dial, Armstrong Mountains

Spring in the Adirondacks - Mount Esther, Colvin, Nippletop

Adirondack Ice!

Spring Mountaineering in the Adirondacks - Giant, Porter, Phelps, Big Slide

Whiteface Mountain in Spring Snow

Autumn in the Adirondacks, Mount Haystack

Summer in the Adirondacks, Algonqin Peak


Mount Rainier, 14,410ft




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